Case Study: CLLMM Environmental Pest Control DEWNR (Dpt. Environment, Water & Natural Resources)

Lakes Flora has completed a large amount of environmental weed control for DEWNR.

To date, our work has included controlling well over 500 mature Aleppo Pines at Parnka Point, many hundreds of African Boxthorn at Mundoo Island, and well over two thousand olive trees at Parnka point.

Management of these sites has included: tree felling to leave on site; tree felling and chipping onsite; tree felling, chipping and removal of whole trees; cut and swab; basal bark and frilling. Using GPS data, we were able to identify infestation ‘hot spots’ to help with future control work planning, as well as precisely map where control work had been completed.

Lakes Flora have successfully managed all manner of revegetation, weed and pest control projects across South Australia.

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