Case Study: Lower Lakes Rabbit Control

Working with the GWLAP Association, we’ve used a number of methods to control rabbits over the 300ha of revegetation around the lower lakes. Based on community requirements we have used either 1080 or Pindone, which has been laid by hand or machine, depending on the terrain and proximity to residential areas. The baiting program is reinforced with additional pest control methods, including fumigation, harbour removal and fencing of critical areas.

Because our lower lakes are such an environmentally important and sensitive area, the success of revegetation program is critical. Left unchecked, rabbits can destroy hundreds of thousands of seedlings in a single night. Creating a buffer zone protects these seedlings and ensures revegetation works have a chance to fully establish.

We carry out regular monitoring of our pest control practices, compiling data and using this to further enhance our programs.

Lakes Flora have successfully managed all manner of revegetation, weed and pest control projects across South Australia.

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