Case Study: Hillgrove Kanmantoo Copper & Terramin Angus Zinc Mines

March 2014

Under government regulations, mining companies must comply with strict environmental and revegetation policies. We were contracted to help the Hillgrove and Terramin mines meet their Environmental Impact Statement obligations and to make fulfilling their Mining & Rehabilitation Program easier.

These projects involved baiting of rabbits and foxes to reduce their impact on the revegetation works that had been put in place, and to protect local fauna. At Hillgrove we hand laid carrot baits in hotspots to specifically target rabbits. This was done to reduce the risk of off-target damage to the local population of kangaroos.

For the pest control works at Terramin we used 1080 grain. This type of bait has was highly suited to the nature of the terrain and the site, where rabbits were harbouring in specific locations and crossing defined trails to feed.

Great results were achieved at both sites, and further works will continue to enhance biodiversity through protection of the local flora and fauna.

Lakes Flora have successfully managed all manner of revegetation, weed and pest control projects across South Australia.

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