Weed Control

Environmental weed control is critical to ensure the protection of natural landscapes and environmentally sensitive habitats like wetland ecosystems. In fact, according to the Invasive Species Council, invasive weeds are our second largest threat to biodiversity. They endorse prevention and control as the most economically viable ways to combat the problem.

Lakes Flora have extensive experience in environmental weed control methods to combat tough, aggressive weeds. Our first step is to carry out a full assessment of your site, mapping out where weeds exist, determining the type of weeds which need removal, and the best equipment to get the job done. Following our assessment, we’ll issue a comprehensive report outlining our weed management plan and the services we recommend.

You can choose to implement our recommendations yourself, or engage our team of weed control technicians. Armed with years’ of experience and specialist equipment, we’re able to remove the toughest of weeds in an efficient, environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner.

Efficient, environmentally responsible
and cost-effective manner.

Weed control methods

To control or remove weeds from your site we use several different methods depending on whether they’re smaller, herbaceous weeds or larger, woody plants such as boxthorn or pine trees.

Our methods include:

  • hand spraying
  • boomspraying
  • cut & swab
  • frilling
  • drill & fill
  • basal bark
  • weed pluckers
  • tree felling

All of our weed control services are carried out to the highest quality in accordance with strict Work, Health and Safety practices. This ensures best results and the safety of everyone in and around our worksites.

Weed Control

Our trained technicians will evaluate the weed control requirements for your site, issuing a full report and management plan.

Weed Control Management

Using a variety of specialist equipment to carry out weed control methods, we can manage weeds on your site in a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive way.


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For weed control services tailored to your needs contact Lakes Flora.

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