Complete revegetation services

We offer a full range of revegetation services for vegetation management and habitat restoration including: site evaluation and planning, seedling production, tree planting, direct seeding, guarding, irrigation, fencing and ongoing management and care of your revegetation project.

Using specialised revegetation equipment means we can get your project completed to a high standard with a minimum of fuss or stress. We make it our priority to meet your requirements, every step of the way.

Site Evaluation

Your site will be inspected to understand the requirements for ground preparation, weed/pest control, irrigation needs, erosion control, and plant selection.

Site Preparation

The right equipment for your revegetation project will be used to clear unwanted vegetation, eradicate weeds/pests, and install irrigation systems if needed.

Planting & Production

From seeds or cuttings we’ve propagated using local flora, we can grow large quantities of stock to revegetate your site, or plant larger trees if required.

Project Management

Once your site has been planted, we can ensure your site is maintained as needed to maximise success rates. This may include weed/pest control and watering as required.

Angas Bremer Water Allocation Plan

Allocation Plan – Irrigators’ Revegetation

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