Pest Control

Vertebrate pests, such as rabbits, kangaroos, foxes, etc. can cause extensive damage to our native plants and animals, as well as commercial farms and agriculture. Lakes Flora employ several fully trained and licenced pest control technicians who can assess your pest problem and provide immediate and ongoing recommendations based on your specific needs.

Vertebrate Pest Control Methods

We use several different pest control methods, depending on the type of animal, the environment, site access, and what will provide the most effective outcomes for the job.

Our methods include:

  • baiting
  • fumigating
  • ground shooting
  • harbour destruction
  • warren ripping trapping
  • fencing

A majority of these methods are used for rabbits and foxes, but we can also control wild pigs and cats, deer, camels, goats, hares, kangaroos and any other species which is causing damage to environmentally sensitive areas. All pest control work is carried out to the highest standard of safety and complies with all legislative requirements.

Rabbit Bait Supply

To give you greater flexibility and more affordable pest control options, you can purchase Pindone rabbit baits direct from Lakes Flora. We’re licenced to prepare and sell Pindone coated oats and carrots – and because we’re not a retail outlet, we have lower overheads which means lower prices for you. Your order is also prepared on an ‘as needs’ basis, so you’ll receive a much fresher product.

All the Pindone products we sell are labelled with the correct chemical information and detailed instructions for use. If you’d like further direction, we can provide instructions and training on how to correctly – and safely – use these products for best results.  SA customers only.

Pest Control Equipment

Lakes Flora have an extensive range of equipment to control vertebrate pests of any size, in environmentally sensitive or difficult to access terrain.

Pest Control Planning

We’ll provide you with a detailed plan for control and management using historical data and future monitoring to provide optimum pest control outcomes.

Pest Monitoring

Following implementation of your pest control plan, we’ll revisit your site at regular intervals to monitor the effectiveness of the pest control measures.

Rabbit Bait Supply

Lakes Flora freshly prepare Pindone Rabbit Bait to order, meaning you get the freshest product at a lower price. This is a cost-effective way to manage rabbit populations yourself.

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