Preparing your Property for Bushfire Season

Under Section 105f of the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005, a landholder is “required to take action to protect property on the land from fire, or to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through the land”.

Reducing the amount of vegetation on your property is of critical importance for preparing for bushfire.  Measures that you should probably undertake before the bushfire season include:

  • removing dead branches, leaves and undergrowth from underneath trees.
  • Trimming tree branches that are lower than 2 metres from the ground.
  • Slashing, brush cutting or mowing long grass that’s within 20 metres from your home or 5 metres from other buildings.
  • Removing bark, woodpiles and other flammable materials that are close to your home or buildings.

Don’t rely on firefighters to be able to defend your property.

The team at Lakes Flora has provided similar services to landholders, councils, natural resources management boards and government departments.  We can manage the whole process for you: using specialised equipment such as slashers, walk behind mowers, powerful brushcutters, chainsaws and a tree chipper we make light work of what can often be an arduous task.

We can even remove material off site meaning you can put your feet up instead of investing in expensive equipment and performing the back breaking work yourself, only to stand there scratching your head trying to work out where you’ll put the massive amount of material you’ve created.

Contact Lakes Flora to discuss your fire fuel hazard reduction today.


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