Residual Weed Control and Asset Maintenance

August 2014

Lakes Flora conducts Residual Weed Control for many clients in South Australia.  With careful selection of chemicals we can achieve 6+ months of residual weed control in industrial and commercial areas, saving you time and money.

Residual Weed Control for Creeks Pipeline Company

As Weed Control Contractors, Lakes Flora conduct residual weed control for mine sites, carparks, loading areas, between buildings, pipelines, signs and other infrastructure.  Weeds are unsightly, can harbour vermin, are a fire hazard and can cause considerable damage if left unchecked.  Weed control is a critical part of asset maintenance and utilising residual and pre-emergent herbicides can reduce cost considerably.

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Lakes Flora have successfully managed all manner of revegetation, weed and pest control projects across South Australia.

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