Licenced Weed and Pest Control Technicians

Ensuring the safety of our staff and our clients is paramount. That’s why we insist that all our pest control technicians are fully trained and licenced, and that our company holds all the correct and current licences and insurances.

We don’t like to take chances.

In fact, we go a step beyond a generic general public liability policy. The reality is, the non-specific nature of these kinds of policies means you might not be fully covered for certain incidents. We make sure
our professional indemnity and public liability policies are specifically tailored to cover us for the exact activities we carry out. This means you will always be protected.

Pest control and poisons licences

As professional weed and pest control technicians, we must be licenced to use a range of products.

Lakes Flora, as a company, holds a Pest Controllers Licence (no. 73554) which is mandatory to apply scheduled pesticides and herbicides, and our pest control supervisors hold full Pest Management Technician Licences.

We also hold appropriate levels of insurance (up to $20 million) and licencing to cover us for:

  • tree lopping/felling
  • agricultural, urban and commercial weed control
  • vertebrate pest control
  • fumigation
  • use of 24d
  • use of dangerous poisons including sodium fluoroacetate (1080)
We don’t just pay lip service to safety, we practise it.

We’ve never had any lost time injuries or fatalities. All our staff are qualified Senior First Aiders, with two of our team members also having Remote Area First Aid Qualifications.

The fully integrated Work Health and Safety system we have in place works, and is publicly auditable. It meets all legislative, government and mine requirements giving us full capability to work across any industry on any project.

For more information about our Work, Health and Safety measures, or to arrange a site visit, please get in touch with us.

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