The right equipment to get the job done

Using the right equipment is essential to successfully completing your project on time and on budget. We’ve invested in high-quality tools and equipment to tackle any revegetation, weed or pest control job you need done.

If you’d like more information about the equipment and processes we use, or would like an appraisal for your project, get in touch with our team today.

Revegetation equipment

Planting Equipment

We carry a variety of planting equipment suitable for seedlings or larger trees including Pottiputkis and Hamilton tree planters, along with planting spades and our own custom-made carriage equipment.

Direct Seeding

For large areas of direct seed, we use a Burford Tree Seeder. This robust, versatile unit is effective in most terrain.  Where the going’s a bit tougher we utilise a seeder we made ourselves which attaches to a tractor three point linkage, making it ideal for challenging areas.


To keep newly planted vegetation in optimal condition, we have several watering carts which can handle remote locations, or reach areas with limited access via 200m hoses. We also have an SA Water and Creeks Pipeline Company hydrant for accessing water.

Our equipment will get the job done

Weed control equipment

Woody Weed Grubbing

Where suitable we use a 115hp tractor with a “woody weed plucker” attachment to remove woody weeds roots and all. We can also grub weeds using a vehicle or tractor with chains or in remote areas our portable winch.  We also regularly hand pull seedling weeds.

Hand Spraying

We have extensive experience using all forms of spraying equipment and use high-quality knapsacks with spray shields, ideal for halo/circle spraying around young seedlings. We also operate 4WD-mounted twin remote-controlled Quickspray units. These work with 200m length hoses which can be easily modified into a 400m hose, or longer, with adequate notice and preparation.


Our 4WD vehicles and tractors are equipped to handle booms from 1 to 12 metres. For precise application of treatments, we carefully calibrate all our equipment. We’re experienced in boomspraying for revegetation preparation and maintenance, including sensitive areas like lake and swamp edges and over-the-top spraying.

Tree Felling

We operate more than 10 chainsaws ranging from light to heavy duty to manage trees of every size, along with large-scale tree felling equipment. Once trees are felled they can be chipped using one of our two chippers (12 or 18 inch) and removed from site.


To tackle thick vegetation, including Paspalum and Kikuyu, we have 1000mm, 1500mm and 1800mm heavy duty slashers. The smallest slasher is ideal for slashing between seedlings and all can be fitted to either our Lamborghini 85hp tractor, or New Holland 27hp tractor.

Brush Cutting

For trimming or cutting back brush, we own a number of professional quality brush cutters which use metal tri-blades, saws or cord, depending on your needs.

Cut & Swab | Frilling | Drill & Fill | Basal Bark

A range of equipment is used for these techniques, including various sized chainsaws, pole saws, electric loppers, hatchets and accurate chemical application equipment.

Pest control equipment


To protect your project from unwanted pests, we sub-contract to two reliable and well-known fencing contractors: PLC Fencing  in Langhorne Creek, and Hincks Rural Fencing in Meningie. They comply with our stringent WHS regulations to complete projects of any size or complexity.

Warren Ripping

For ripping warrens, we use a tine-ripper tractor attachment suitable for easily accessible warrens. Where access is more difficult, we bring in a 5 tonne excavator with a tine attachment.


We use a smoke identifier unit for the fumigation work and our rabbit warren and fox den fumigation equipment is operated at the highest standard of safety. Fumigation operators use suitable respirators and carry phosphine detectors to alert them of any excessive residual phosphine levels.

Rabbit Baiting

For rabbit baiting we have an accurate and reliable bait layer, which can be used with 1080 oats and both Pindone Oats and Pindone Carrots. To reduce the cost of Pindone-based products, we operate our own carrot chopping and Pindone mixing equipment. If baiting is required in an area where access is difficult, we lay bait by hand if necessary.

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If you’d like more information about the equipment & processes we use, or would like an appraisal for your project, get in touch with our team today.

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