Environmental Revegetation and Protection

Meeting the needs of a sensitive environment

Lakes Flora have successfully managed all manner of revegetation, weed and pest control projects across South Australia.

Our qualified staff are well-equipped to tackle any revegetation project, including seed collection, tree planting, site evaluation/preparation, fencing, irrigation and more.

Whether you need to manage salinity, protect crops from pest animals, or rehabilitate large tracts of land, Lakes Flora have the expertise and equipment to get your job completed on time and on budget.

From site evaluations and preparation, to planting seedlings and ongoing management of your site, we can help you at every stage of your revegetation project. Read More

Environmental and agricultural weeds present a continuous threat to the environment and farmers’ livelihoods. We control your toughest weeds efficiently and economically. Read More

Rabbits, foxes, hares, deer, goats and other vertebrate animals can wreak havoc on crops and areas of native vegetation. We specialise in vertebrate pest control for pests of all sizes. Read More